Muscle Building Diet for Beginners

A diet for muscle building for beginners, is one of the most sought after by athletes, to get strong muscles in the shortest time.

In this article through the site of an article we will learn about the best dietary table for muscle building for beginners without raw for some chemicals that cause stress and a lot of diseases.

Muscle Building Diet for Beginners
Muscle Building Diet for Beginners

Best Muscle Building Diet Table for Beginners

The diet table for muscle building for beginners contains a lot of nutrients mainly, as muscle building needs a delicate balance in all nutrients as follows:


  • It is an important nutrient that athletes and bodybuilders need mainly to build their muscle.
  • Muscles consist mainly of protein and they also need a lot of essential acids to build.


  • Carbohydrates are also very important for nourishing the body's muscles, as they are partially converted into glycogen.
  • This substance is one of the forms of energy that is stored within the muscle.
  • This article is characterized as helping to promote human physical activity.


  • Healthy fats are very important for strengthening muscles, and also ensure overall body health.

vitamins and minerals

  • They are perfectly absorbed by eating foods containing minerals and vitamins.
  • A diet for muscle building for beginners must contain vitamins and minerals, depending on the stage.
  • Bodybuilding training is divided into two phases, at each stage the proportion of items varies.

Muscle building stages for beginners

There are two phases that beginners can follow for muscles with strong structure, the most important of which are:

Inflation Phase

  • It is that phase that the beginner can follow to build his muscle mass.
  • During that stage, the body also needs approximately 15-20% proteins.It is that phase that the beginner can follow to build his muscle mass.

cutting phase

  • This is the phase for the loss of all fat from the body, and its importance is to maintain muscular body mass.
  • During that phase, the body needs approximately 20-25% proteins, as well as 15-20% fat, and about 55-60% carbohydrate.

Calories needed by bodybuilders

  • The method of measuring weight and knowing how many calories the body needs is one of the most easy.
    • To find out and determine how much calories bodybuilders consume per day.
    • This is by measuring weight at least 3 times a week minimum type.
  • If the player appears not to gain or lose weight, that is, what is known as his weight stability.
  • In this case, the calorie intake rate is the same as the calorie intake he only needs to maintain his weight.
  • It is essential that the player increase the number of calories he consumes per day in order to maintain weight by no more than or less than 15%.
  • This is when the amplification period passes through the recovery phase, and when the weight increases during the amplification phase.
    • Or losing it completely during the recovery phase it is necessary to adjust and adjust the amount of calories a player consumes once a month at a minimum.
    • taking into account all changes that may occur in body weight.

Model for a muscle-building diet for beginners

  • Undoubtedly, all diets followed by people as well as quantities of calories vary from one person to another.
    • according to gender, goals or size.
  • The same person can determine the appropriate quantities of calories per day.
  • or by consulting a specialist in nutrition.
  • On the other hand, the plan on which bodybuilders walk varies from person to person.
    • depending on his desire to reduce the percentage of excess fat in the body or with the aim of building his muscle mass.

Examples of such diets per day include:

  • Breakfast: raspberries with oats, beside egg whites were whisked.
  • Snack between main meals: Cut it with turkey breast beside vegetables is celery and carrot.
  • Food: one piece of grilled meat, mushroom and broccoli.
  • Snack: one apple with natural nut butter.
  • Dinner: A piece of grilled fish, a small plate of brown rice next to a plate of green salad containing a proportion of formed leafy vegetables.
  • It should be noted that this example may not be the most appropriate food model for all people.
    • The nutritionist should also be consulted to help develop the most appropriate dietary plan that is compatible with the person's goals and state of health.

Essential food in the bodybuilder's diet

  • Bodybuilders are able to choose a lot of foods within their diet, throughout the week.
  • It is essential that the starter focus on all foods that provide him with all the nutrients that his body needs, as well as all calories.

In general, the diet must contain the following foods:

High Protein Foods

  • One of the most high-protein foods is red meat free of all fat, eggs, and poultry.
  • such as chicken breasts, turkey breasts, grilled fish, as well as beans of all kinds.
    • Besides yogurt and all different dairy products provided they are low fat as well as different nuts, seeds.

Carbohydrate-rich foods

  • Nutritionists advise that an athlete should choose foods containing rich food sources with all the elements the body needs.
  • In order to maintain the necessary and necessary glycogen stock ratio, a person is able to exercise as long as possible and with very high potency without rapid fatigue.
  • These foods include legumes, buckwheat, quinoa, as well as root vegetables, and starchy vegetables such as winter squash sweet potatoes along with whole wheat bread, rye and oats.

Foods rich in healthy fats

  • Players who want to build muscle are advised to focus on foods rich in healthy fats that are beneficial to the heart, including vegetable oil.
  • Such as olive oil, avocado oil and canola oil, along with fatty fish such as sardines, herring, salmon as well as nuts.

Foods to avoid in a muscle-building diet for beginners

Similarly, there are lots of foods that help to build muscles. There are other foods that hinder the process of muscle growth and construction. These foods include:

  • Foods that are high in saturated fats such as zebra, coconut oil, palm oil, cheeses, and fat-containing red meat.
  • It is necessary to reduce the rate of consumption and intake of foods that are easy to overeat, such as sweets, baked goods, pickles, biscuits, cakes, crackers, potatoes and sugary drinks.
  • They cause an increased rate of fat in the waist area.
  • But this is in addition to the need to reduce the intake of processed foods, including soups, fried foods, processed meat and packaged stews, fast food, sausages and salami.
  • As well as soft drinks, lemon juice sweetened with sugars, tea and sweetened coffee.

Together we reviewed a muscle-building diet for beginners we can pop in conclusion that muscle growth is associated with a lot of factors which including drinking the right water.

Take protein powders and supplements but under the supervision of a nutritionist and the body needs them.

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